Mission: Ending Generational Poverty through Effective Education

 Decades of systemic under education of free lunch students has resulted in a culture steeped in hopelessness, limited opportunities for advancement and reinforcement of negative stereotypes leading to generational poverty and criminal behavior. FCAT scores of 6th-8th grade free lunch students clearly shows up to 57% of those students are failing math and or reading and have been for over a decade. Between grades 6-8, 57% represents approximately 6,000 children each year, undereducated and unprepared for success in the 21st century. 

The Academy’s 5 Pillars of Success

1. An extended academic school schedule.

2. The use of data to drive instruction designed to fit each individual student.

3. Devotion to developing high-quality human capital (inclusion life skills development, mentors, treatment programs). 

4. Build a culture of high expectations (sounds simple, but the most important component) .

5. Small group team training to manage a structured program (A CCSI innovation)  

Measured and Proven

CCSI and community partners have tested and proven that this program is a highly effective process to ensure undeserved children participating in “The Academy” program will be well above grade level in reading and math upon completion of a full year or less.