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Helping Organizations to Succeed

Since 2005, Community Connection Services, Inc. has helped organizations succeed. As a result, Community Connection Services, Inc. has gained a great deal of experience at the local, state, and federal levels.

Community Connection Services, Inc. maintains the principle that nonprofit organizations demand the same level of expertise, talent and commitment that is afforded to the private sector. 

We are a full-service consulting and technology organization. We offer strategic and technical services for database conversion, fundraising strategy, web design, best practices, testing, training and project management. 

Our team of experts are led by innovative personnel with proven track records of effectively using resources and services to maximize performance. No project is too big or too small. Community Connection Services, Inc. serves as an extension to your development, technical and integrated marketing teams. Our detailed technical knowledge of industry-standard systems combined with an executive-level understanding of your organizational goals, ensures that projects are in-line with your mission from start to finish. 

We help you leverage the latest technology to rapidly meet – and exceed – your goals. 


Moving forward with services at Community Connection Services, Inc. entails more than just document or product completion. We do not define our customers simply by product or treat our clients as “just another number. Our organization has successfully served many with solutions to help advance their mission, vision and aims. Moreover, we have assisted these individuals and organizations as if they were our own family, providing excellent customer service and peace-of-mind regarding the future of their organization. Even after we have completed your product or services, we are here to help. 

With more than 20 business development solutions, it is our mission to help you help others in whichever manner we professionally can. 

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 Community Connection Services, Inc. is your one-stop resource center for organization growth and business development.